PC Support Service in English in Berlin, Germany

for expats and whoever else has an English version of Windows on their PC or just likes charming service in English.
We also speak French - on parle franšais.

Specialising in Windows 7, 8 and 10, Vista and Windows XP, also Linux support


We charge 36 € per hour to a maximum of 75 € per problem solved (within reason).
The first hour is charged in full, after that in intervals of 15 minutes.

Windows reinstall from 50 € (based on actual effort).

Parts are charged extra (of course!). There is a 15 € procurement fee, if we have to obtain the parts.

No fix - no charge, apart from the call cost mentioned below,
only applies to clearly defined tasks with prior agreement.

Cost of the call:

6 € if within walking distance from public transport in zones A+B, otherwise at cost.

Call: 01577 191 1812

E-Mail: Use contact form here

If you want to drop off your PC, please make an appointment. We are located in Berlin-Sch÷neberg near S-Bahn Innsbrucker Platz.

Some unprompted statements of customers:

Computer is working fantastically well and fast so thanks again! (Tim H., Oct. 2013)
Wow! Fabulous! Worked like a charm! Thank you so much! (Thomas A., Oct. 2013)
The computer is working so much better now, so thanks for fixing everything up. (Jessica, Nov. 2013)
I was hoping to get another service on my laptop as I was so happy with the job you did last time! (Tim, July 2014)
Thanks again for such a quick and thorough repair, my computer is back from the dead :) (Andy P., March 2015)

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